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Re: Unintentional mail transfer

From:Jeremy Nicoll - ml mPro Date:5 Aug 2020 21:58
In Reply To: Unintentional mail transfer (Richard Mellish)
Replies: Re: Unintentional mail transfer (Richard Mellish)

On 2020-08-05 11:41, Richard Mellish wrote:
> Normally I use NetFetch to send and/or fetch emails when I'm ready to 
> do
> so.
> Occasionally I accidentally click on Messenger Pro's Transfer mail icon
> when I'm not ready.
> Is there a way of disabling that function?

I can think of two ways, assuming that there's no appropriate setting
in MP itself.

The first is to run some other app, whose purpose is to move out of the
folder(s) that MP uses to accumulate mails waiting to be sent, any files
that are placed there, as soon as they arrive in it/them.  Then if you
click that button there'd be nothing for MP to process.  If MP keeps an
internal index of what it thinks is in that folder, that might not work.

You'd need also to be able to move everything back in.

Another way: wimp apps, when someone clicks on a 'button' work because
the OS sends to the app a message saying button, id=27 (say) just got
clicked.  The app knows that 27 is that button and carries out the
corresponding action.

The os knows the id of every button in a window.  It either knows that
because MP invented the value and passed it on to the os while setting 
the window display, or it knows it because MP read a definition of the
window layout and its buttons and in that definition was the info that
that button is number 27 (say) ... and that info was passed to the os.

If the code works in the latter way, you could edit that definition and
change the id of that button to some other value.  Then when it is 
the os will tell MP that (say) button 117 was clicked.  The new value 
need either to be one that no other button has, or perhaps a copy of one
in use for another button.  In the latter case clicking the button you
accidentally click would then behave as if you'd clicked something else
(and the value could be picked to be something whose effect was modest,
and - perhaps annoying, but not mail-sending).

If MP is tolerant of being told that a button it's never heard of has 
clicked then it won't object, and - knowing nothing about button 117 - 
do nothing.  On the other hand MP might issue an error message 
about an unexpected button, and shut down.

If there's such an external definition of the window and its buttons, 
would be in a "Template" file.  There are RO apps for editing those, but
it's years since I used one.  I don't know what the supported apps are
these days.

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own

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