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Re: Copy/paste in EmailEdit headers

From:Chris Hughes Date:7 Aug 2020 12:24
In Reply To: Copy/paste in EmailEdit headers (bernard@...)

In message <5401419c58.boase@...>
          bernard@... wrote:

> Since the June version of RISC OS 5.27 with its improved facilities for
> copy/paste in writable icons, I am finding that this does not work fully
> within the writable icons of EmailEdit's Header fields. In particular, it
> seems that Ctrl-C after highlighting the content of, say, the To: field
> fails to copy the text to any clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

> Can anyone confirm, explain or contradict this experience?

I can confirm this is an issue, It does actually copy the text to the 
clipboard but is not actually pasting the text into the new location.

On an incoming email if you go to the end of the From line or Subject for 
that matter and use the dropdown menu to copy to clipboard, it copies to 
the clipboard but does not paste it.

I have just this week reported it to Andrew at R-Comp, it seems to be a 
Messenger Pro issue I think.

I am currently using Clipper from Steve Fryatt to get round the issue.
Put clipper on your icon bar and it shows the clipped text as a file and 
if you drag that file to the location you want to paste the text it paste 

If you are encountering this issue - please do email R-Comp   so they see 
it as a general issue to fix.

Chris Hughes

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