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Re: Copy/paste in EmailEdit headers

From:Julian Fry Date:7 Aug 2020 13:03
In Reply To: Copy/paste in EmailEdit headers (bernard@...)

On 7 Aug 2020 bernard@... wrote:

> Since the June version of RISC OS 5.27 with its improved facilities for
> copy/paste in writable icons, I am finding that this does not work fully
> within the writable icons of EmailEdit's Header fields. In particular, it
> seems that Ctrl-C after highlighting the content of, say, the To: field
> fails to copy the text to any clipboard for pasting elsewhere.

> Can anyone confirm, explain or contradict this experience?

I can confirm that - but it is not as simple as that. If one first 
highlights a section of the body of text and uses ctrl-C to select it and 
then highlights some part of EmailEdit's header fields followed by ctrl-C 
then that text is pasted elsewhere with Ctrl-V.

I haven't done extensive testing so there may be other peculiarities.

Best wishes


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