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MPro says "Task not known"

From:"Dr Peter Young" Date:6 May 2012 10:27
Replies: Re: MPro says "Task not known" (Doug Webb)

 I'm having to send this via webmail, as I'm currently unable to run MPro
either on my ARMini or on VRPC. It was working fine last night, but if I
try to run it today I get a "Task not known" error. Asking for a
postmortem gives one of those black and white error windows full of stuff
that I can't understand, and which I don't know how to capture.

I think I made a mistake in copying NewsDir from the ARMini to VRPC before
trying to run Messenger on the VRPC; it looks as if NewsDir has become
corrupted somehow. I tried copying last night's backup of NewsDir onto
both machines, but still get the error.

The only thing I can think of doing is to copy NewsDir from the much
fuller backup, on a different drive, which I made a week ago, but before I
do that I would be very grateful for any pointers as to what may have
happened, and how I might be able to get MPro running again. I'll also ask
on the Armini list.

With best wishes,


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