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Reply address should reflect arrival address

From:Frederick Bambrough Date:23 Apr 2016 18:35
Replies: Re: Reply address should reflect arrival address (Jim Nagel)
Re: Reply address should reflect arrival address (Jim Nagel)

Suppose my default email address is fred@... but I also own
fred@... I send an email from fred@domain2 and my respondent
replies. If I then reply to that Messenger will use my default addy,
domain1, rather than the one I initiated the communication with. To be
consistent, I would have to select the address manually.

The other Messenger Pro (Mac/Windows/Linux) selects my correct address
from the message being replied to. Have I missed a configuration option or
is this an item for a wish list?

(Apologies for the Subject:. Couldn't think how to phrase it in one line.)


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