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'recycling bin'

From:Philip Draper Date:22 Jul 2016 10:17
Replies: Re: 'recycling bin' (Chris Hall)
Re: 'recycling bin' (Richard Porter)
Re: 'recycling bin' (Julian Fry)
Re: 'recycling bin' ("Dr Peter Young")

I occasionally find that I have deleted emails rather hastily; 
too-late second thoughts suggest I ought to have kept them for a bit. 
But the MPro deletion system seems to be rather final.

I wondered if, in a future version, something after the style of the 
Windows 'recycling bin' might be a good idea. One then has to take two 
quite independent actions to delete files completely. That wasy, one 
is left with the possibility of second thought about deleting an 


Philip Draper


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