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Phantom Messages

From:Richard Porter Date:26 Nov 2016 21:25
Replies: Re: Phantom Messages (Harriet Bazley)

I've got one particular folder at the moment which tells me there's an 
unread message every time I run MPro or log in as the relevant user. 
This in fact applies to two different users which are both subscribed 
to the same folder (it's a mailing list). When I click on the group 
there are no unread messages.

I've noticed this in the past with various folders/mailboxes but they 
usually correct themselves after a while.

I've tried repairing the group and tidying it but to no avail. Any 
other suggestions?

Richard Porter              
Skype: minijem2                       mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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