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MsgServe failing to debatch

From:Bernard Boase Date:31 Dec 2016 17:47
Replies: Re: MsgServe failing to debatch (Peter Young)
Re: MsgServe failing to debatch (Jim Nagel)

I wondered why no new emails appeared in MPro group Incoming mail for 
the last three days, so looked deeper and found that directory


contained 33 Data files received/dated in the last three days.

I found a post by Dave Symes from24-Apr-2016 in mailing list 
hermesdiscuss where he wrote about solving a similar problem thus:

> I then went to Hermes-Menu-Mail accounts and went through each Fetch
> account and clicked the change button. Rebooted both computer and NF
> and thereafter mail downloads and debatches okay.

So I've tried that. Sure enough most of the waiting emails were then 
debatched, but not all: ten or so remained stuck after one iteration. 
All cleared after the second iteration, although the speed of 
debatching was unusually sluggish.

What is the proper way to force MsgServe to debatch the queue into 
MPro when it decides to stop doing so? And why should it become slow?

MessengerPro 7.08
MsgServe 7.07
Netfetch 4.12
Hermes 4.12
ARMX6 5.23 (OS8/SP8)

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