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Re: Extract all parts problem

From:Jim Nagel Date:13 Jun 2017 23:35
In Reply To: Extract all parts problem (Richard Porter)
Replies: Re: Extract all parts problem (Peter Young)
Re: Extract all parts problem (Matthew Phillips)

Richard Porter  wrote on 13 Jun:
> ... the save dialogue remains on the screen although everything is
> saved. If I now click "Save" the whole lot is saved again and the save
> window closes.

Yes, I too have noticed this for a long time on ArmX6.  It happens not 
just for "extract all parts" but also when simply saving the email as 
text.  Dunno why.

Having convinced self that the save WAS done, despite the dialogue 
remaining on screen, don't save a second time; thus avoid extracting 
duplicate copies of all parts.

Jim Nagel              
|| See you at the show?   April 22

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