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Re: Extract all parts problem

From:Matthew Phillips Date:26 Jun 2017 21:21
In Reply To: Re: Extract all parts problem (Jim Nagel)

In message <7f4ac24b56.jim@...>
 on 13 Jun 2017 Jim Nagel  wrote:

> Richard Porter  wrote on 13 Jun:
> > ... the save dialogue remains on the screen although everything is
> > saved. If I now click "Save" the whole lot is saved again and the save
> > window closes.
> Yes, I too have noticed this for a long time on ArmX6.  It happens not 
> just for "extract all parts" but also when simply saving the email as 
> text.  Dunno why.

We also get this on Messenger Pro 7.08 on an Iyonix running RISC OS 5.16.

It did not used to happen: I suspect that the change was a new version of

Matthew Phillips

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