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feature request: SEARCH within filter and address lists

From:Jim Nagel Date:9 Jul 2017 12:58
Replies: Re: feature request: SEARCH within filter and address lists (Peter Young)

I've probably posted about this in the past, praps plurally,
but it bears repeating, for as the lists grow so does the need:

Please could there be a Search facility
     within the MPro addressbook and
     also in the MPro "filtering rules" dialogue?

Finding an address can be a royal pain, because it could be within any 
of the various "folders" within the addressbook, which have to be 
manually and individually opened.  As Mrs N says: "I know I put the 
address here last year, but WHERE???"

Finding a filter can be another right royal pain, especially if the 
user (like me) has accumulated a long list of filtering rules over the 
years, because the list is sorted according to the Priority assigned 
to that rule and there is no option to sort by any other criterion.  
Moreover, one might well have forgotten what name was given to the 
filter when it was set up two years ago.

As a workaround, it would help to have a button or a menu option on 
each of these dialogues that would simply open the underlying textfile 
where MPro stashes the addressbook or filters data -- which then could 
be searched with good ol' !Edit or StrongEd.

And also, while I'm in moan mode, please let's get rid of those 
horrible Microsoft-style fixed-size scrolling panes in those 
dialogues!  The Filtering list shows only 10 lines, and the 
addressbook only 17 -- so even the primordial "skim by eye" method of 
search is a faff and a half.

The addressbook in my experience is a serious weak point in MPro.  
I've looked at using Bookmaker (by Nick Roberts) instead, because it 
does have Search, but am scared off by the danger of it and the MPro 
book getting out of step (see Bookmaker user guide).  Could MPro be 
made to interface better with Bookmaker?  Maybe even hand the job 
totally over to Bookmaker?

Jim Nagel              

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