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Although only founded in August 2002, intellegit's products have been in use since 1995 when the freeware Messenger software was released on the RISC OS platform, offering an attractive, easy to use interface for reading mail and news, at a time when the market was dominated by software requiring a degree of technical skill to set up and use. Messenger was an immediate success and quickly came to dominate the freeware market, gaining an impressive reputation for usability yet also offering advanced features not found in the competition.

As the platform's commercial internet software market developed, so did Messenger and the commercial Messenger Pro was released through R-Comp in 1999, building on the successes of the freeware version and adding yet more advanced features and improving usability. Messenger Pro was awarded the Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval in 2000, recognising its adherence to internet standards and promotion of good user practice. Now, having fought off stiff competition, Messenger Pro is the most popular commercial mail and news client available for RISC OS, and is considered by its users to be the best on any platform.

In an attempt to increase Messenger's market, a port to the Linux and Windows platforms was started in 2001, code-named Gemini. As this began to take shape, it was recognised that a full time effort would be required to successfully develop and market this new software, hence intellegit was incorporated as a limited company in 2002 and now undertakes software development and IT consultancy services.

Mission Statement

intellegit's philosophy is based on the premise that there are many new and emerging technologies available which could be of benefit to many people, yet due only to the lack of a good user interface, most lack the skills needed to take advantage of them.

intellegit's aim therefore is to make these technologies accessible to everybody, challenging established solutions with new alternatives that offer significant usability, cost, security and performance benefits, together with advanced features that have previously only been available to a tiny elite of users.

Company Details

intellegit ltd. is registered as a limited company in England and Wales, registration number 4517959.

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