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Intellegit broaden product range with Gemini 2

2nd June 2004

Intellegit Ltd today announce plans to release Gemini 2, the successor to the company's highly acclaimed Gemini multi-platform mail and news client.

Gemini 2 is an evolution of the existing Gemini software which establishes a total of three new products underneath the Gemini umbrella: at the budget end of the range is the new reduced cost Gemini Mail which provides advanced mail handling facilities including powerful filtering and Bayesian junk mail detection; existing Gemini users will be offered a free upgrade to Gemini Groups which includes support for mailing lists and newsgroups; and Gemini Professional completes the line-up with inclusion of a new fully featured calendar and personal organiser. All three products maintain Gemini's reputation for user friendliness, security and standards compliance.

Commenting on the announcement, Intellegit Managing Director, Mark Sawle, said, "Gemini has so far been considered a replacement for Outlook Express, a market which has a lot of quality competition. With Gemini 2, we distinguish ourselves by taking on its big brother, in the process making Gemini a more serious proposition for professionals and corporate users, and creating an alternative for those users whose only requirement is for an easy to use, yet powerful mail solution".

Gemini Mail will be priced at £19.99, Gemini Groups at £29.99 and Gemini Professional at £39.99, including VAT. Included in the price is 12 months of upgrades and e-mail technical support. Release is scheduled for July, when Gemini 2 will be available for purchase and 30-day free trial from the company's web site at

About Gemini

Gemini is a port to the Windows and Linux platforms of the highly regarded Messenger Pro client from the Acorn/RISC OS platform, where it is well known for its easy to use and professional user interface which doesn't hide anything away from the more advanced user. Released a year ago, Gemini has progressed through an intensive programme of development and improvement based on feedback from its users.

Mail and news, from any number of sources, can be brought together and managed in a single window. Mailing lists are treated as pseudo-newsgroups, allowing familiar news-oriented features such as threading and separate reply/followup actions to be used. Messages can be automatically organised into folders, and unwanted messages deleted, using flexible filtering and scoring rules; Bayesian junk filtering is also included.

HTML format messages are supported; however, by not using Internet Explorer as a renderer, Gemini is resistant to script based viruses. The Windows Address Book is also not used, from which many viruses harvest addresses, and warnings are given about opening attachments, more severely for those that appear particularly suspicious.

Additional features include message templates, auto-replies, support for multiple identities, accessing mail via IMAP, encrypting connections using SSL, YEnc encoded attachments, editing of stored messages, spell checking, and integration with the free GnuPG which allows encryption and signing of messages.

Gemini also closely adheres to all relevant internet standards and promotes good posting practice by warning the user against common breaches of 'netiquette'.

Further information may be found at

About Intellegit Ltd

Intellegit Ltd was formed in 2002 to develop and market Gemini. As well as undertaking software development, Intellegit also provide consultancy to corporate clients in the areas of networking, internet and web solutions.

Further information may be found at

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