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Messenger Pro ported to Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

17th October 2008

R-Comp is pleased to announce the availability of Messenger Pro for use on Windows, Mac and Linux systems, in addition to RISC OS. Messenger Pro is often cited as one of RISC OS' leading applications, and we know from our own experience, we wouldn't want to email with any other program. As such, it's appearance for other platforms is a significant milestone for the product.

Messenger Pro for Windows/Mac/Linux is developed independently of the RISC OS version (separate programming teams) so that we don't lose focus. The development teams co-operate so that ideas can be shared between the versions, but each team can dedicate themselves to their preferred platform. The aim is to create software which remains compatible and familiar, whilst still being tailored to the qualities of each platform.

The development of Messenger Pro for Windows/Mac/Linux is headed up by Intellegit, developers of the early editions of the RISC OS version. Users of Intellegit's "Gemini" product will be offered low-cost upgrades to Messenger Pro.

Messenger Pro for Windows/Mac/Linux will come on CD ROM containing all 3 versions, with a printed manual, and tech support. Pricing is to be confirmed. Users of the RISC OS version of Messenger Pro will receive a promotional discount so that they can run the software on their other machines.

Andrew Rawnsley of R-Comp said, "It is important that RISC OS users of Messenger Pro realise this is separate to the RISC OS version, and doesn't in any way supercede it - RISC OS development continues as normal. We're aware, however, that many users have more than one computing platform, and therefore the ability to use Messenger Pro on different platforms is highly desirable".

Mark Sawle of Intellegit said, "Multi-platform Messenger Pro is coming home. Renewing the relationship with R-Comp allows us to take advantage of their sales and marketing experience, allowing us to focus our resources on continued development. This will enable us to expand the user community while delivering a perceptibly more professional product with enhanced support."

The software will include many desirable features including junk-mail protection, rich text support, modern user interface, and easy setup. With viruses and malware targeting applications like Outlook Express, Messenger Pro's security focus will no doubt be appealing to users. The software supports all the modern email protocols including POP3 over SSL email for gmail users.

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