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Re: IMAP questions and update problem

From:David Eaton Date:15 Dec 2017 17:23
In Reply To: IMAP questions and update problem (David Eaton)

On 14 Dec David Eaton <david.eaton@...> wrote:

> <Snip>

Well, after trying installing V2.73.4 and then V2.72.0 back over V2.73.5
without fixing the trouble I had after updating to V2.73.5, and even a
system restore didn't help, I finally got back to where I was with a working
V2.72.0 after uninstalling MPro completely (but not the user AppData folder)
before installing again from the V2.72.0 installer. Ho hum.

Anyway, the IMAP accounts are now usable in my  MPro, but some issues
remain. However, after some reading and experimentation, I have a somewhat
better (but not complete) understanding of the IMAP protocols and what one
might expect from an IMAP client. From this I can see that some things I
thought were issues  actually aren't [Note 1], and I have a more precise
understanding of the issues that remain.

It seems to me, though, that the most important thing to deal with first is
to get V2.73.5 working here (or .4, as I believe the only difference between
.4 and .5 are to do with installation on Macs). It is, after all, quite
possible that a working V2.73.5 will actually already address some (or even
all) of the issues I have with IMAP in V2.72.0. So rather than continue from
my previous ponderous multi-issue conflated post, I will post again just
about the issue when trying to update to V2.73.5. As and when that is dealt
with, then I can make some focused posts about any remaining issues.

I do hope Mark is still about. I'd hate to have to get, learn, configure and
use a new email client after ... must be 20 years, if one includes my RiscOS
Messenger and MPro years in the 90s before my move to Windows PCs and


[Note 1] If I understand this right now ... While the MPro transfer log of
my IMAP logins shows username and especially password in plain text, unlike
the POP3 and SMTP logins which just show some encrypted strings in the
transfer log, because I'm doing the IMAP connection on port 993 it's
actually SSL/TLS from the get go, including the login, so to any
eavesdropper between my machine and the mail server it's not plaintext at
all - the whole thing is encrypted. And given that I'm doing the POP3 on
port 995 - so also SSL/TLS from the get go - and the SMTP on port 587 with
STARTTLS before the login, the additional encrypting of the POP3 and SMTP
logins I see in the transfer log is actually completely unnecessary as to
anyone outside it's already encrypted. IF I understand this right.

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