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MessengerPro on LinuxMint v19.0 Mate...

From:zed Date:6 Aug 2018 21:21

Attention: Mark Sawle

I have recently installed LinuxMint v19.0 Mate and cannot find a version
of MessengerPro (Linux) to work on it.

I tried to install v2.73.5.7234-xenial_amd64 bt got  error message
"Dependency is not satisfied. libdouble-conversion1".  Checking I find
that that is not in the Repositories but
"libdouble-conversionb2.01-4ubuntu" is.

Two questions, please.

(a) Will there be a version of MessengerPro based on Ubuntu v18.04 Bionic

If not

(a) Is it possible to have two versions of libdouble-conversion installed,
without any conflict?

Regards from New Zealand on a very cool Tued=sday morning.

David Love

Can it be a coincidence that "STRESSED" is "DESSERTS" spelled backwards 

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