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Re: Messenger Pro for 18.04 LTE

From:zed Date:11 Oct 2018 10:05
In Reply To: Messenger Pro for 18.04 LTE (Martin)
Replies: Re: Messenger Pro for 18.04 LTE (Martin)
Re: Messenger Pro for 18.04 LTE (Mark Sawle)

Hi Martin

Martin <mschoch@...> wrote:

> Hi
> It seems that there is no recent Messenger Pro for Ubuntu 18.04 LTE. The
> version for 16.04 Xenial can't be installed (missing dependence
> libdouble-conversion1v5).

I had the same problem In August when I installed Linux Mint v19, which is
based on Ubunty v18.04.  I emailed the mailing list but received no reply,
which led me to email Mark direct.  He responded quickly and said he would
do something about it.  Within a couple of days he sent me
v2.73_6.4250-bionic_amd64 which works perfectly.  He must have forgotten
to upload it to the website.

II am quite happy to send a copy to you, or put it on my Dropbox account,
for you to download,  if it is not in breach of the terms of use.  <Please
let me know what you think. The file is 8.3MB in size.

'Thief' is SO ugly.  I prefer 'Creative Aquisition Specialist

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