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Input focus wrongly placed on opening a group window

From:Darren Salt Date:3 Jul 2019 12:39
Replies: Re: Input focus wrongly placed on opening a group window (Darren Salt)

Having recently upgraded to Devuan beowulf (Debian buster, due for release
this coming weekend, without the systemd infestation), I'm seeing 
that the input focus is somewhere other than in the list of messages and ius
not obviously moveable without clicking, though a little experimentation
shows that Shift-Tab followed bu ↑ (once each) causes the first item in the
list to be highlighted and the list then to be navigable using the cursor

THe version installed is the current one for buster.

(And because of that ↑, MPro once again decided to ask whether I want to use
ISO8859-2 even though the default is UTF-8…)

|  _  | Darren Salt, using Debian GNU/Linux (and Android)
| ( ) |
|  X  | ASCII Ribbon campaign against HTML e-mail
| / \ |

I'd like to, but I'm waiting to see if I'm already a winner.

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