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Re: Moving from one computer to another

From:David Eaton Date:17 Jul 2019 15:02
In Reply To: Moving from one computer to another (Alan Wrigley)
Replies: Re: Moving from one computer to another (Alan Wrigley)

On 16/07/2019 20:28, Alan Wrigley wrote:
> Is there any way to export filters and mailing lists from Gemini on one
> computer to MPro on another? I've got rather a lot of them.

I don't know about on any other OS, but I've migrated my entire MPro 
from my original Windows XP machine to another, then to a Windows 7 one, 
most recently to a Windows 10 one simply by copying the 
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\intellegit folder (where <username> 
should be
the user's actual username) from the old computer to the new one. Each 
time a seamless transition with all messages, accounts, mailing lists, 
filters, folders, message states (read, unread, flagged etc) and 
configurations preserved. Just needed (IIRC) to do the registration 
process on first launch each time.

(The chain has now come to an end, though. After finally going from my 
2011 Windows 7 laptop to a Windows 10 one last year I decided to finally 
move from POP3 to IMAP on my 6 mail accounts, and while trying to 
investigate assorted IMAP problems in MPro I ended up installing the 
Thunderbird email client to compare and check if I was right about how 
things ought to work as compared with what MPro was doing. Initially 
only intending to do a minimal amount of configuration for just a couple 
of accounts for running comparisons, I was surprised to find that from 
scratch I had Thunderbird fully configured - as fully as my MPro - and 
with all emails and news and addresses back to 2002 installed, with all 
accounts etc in under half-an-hour, and that's including the time taken 
for Google searches to found out how to do everything that wasn't 
immediately obvious. As Thunderbird has been working properly from the 
get go, but MPro both contains several bugs in its IMAP support as well 
as doing one thing completely wrong as per the IMAP specs - requiring 
several interventions by me per day to put it back on track; and as I 
then came to quickly realise that, for using IMAP with 6 accounts, 
rather than just one or two, Thunderbird has a feature I really, really 
need but MPro doesn't; plus Thunderbird's calendar and Task list and 
address books will integrate and automatically sync with both my gmail 
and calendars and People/Contacts, and therefore with the 
main calendar and People/Contacts apps on both Windows 10 laptop and 
Android phone, but MPro's don't; given all that, while I haven't got 
round to uninstalling MPro, I have basically switched to using 
Thunderbird. Quite sad since I had been using Mark's email software, 
first on RiscOS, then on Windows, since .... whenever it was I felt I 
needed more than Argonet's Voyager suite's client. 1997 or 8 maybe?)

David Eaton

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