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Re: Sent mail - panic has set in,,.

From:Darren Salt Date:17 Aug 2019 16:52
In Reply To: Sent mail - panic has set in,,. (zed)

I demand that zed may or may not have written...

> Using MessengerPro v2.73.64250 on Linux Mint v19.2

> Was transferring messages from the Sent mail folder to a Sorted mail
> folder.  Computer froze and I had to do a hard restart.

If it was a hard hang, some data may not have been flushed to disk.

Did you try to ssh in or reboot via the SysRq route (Alt+SysRq with, in
order, R E I S U B).

You may want to do things such as, in ~/.gemini/Groups, compare Index and
Index.backup. There may be some repair work which you can do there; maybe
copy a line from the backup (but do also check the corresponding group
directory). However, given that you've been running MPro since the problem
occurred, it _may_ be too late for some of that.

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When in doubt, mumble. When in trouble, delegate. When in charge, ponder.

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