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BUG: Attachments with names containing parentheses can not be opened

From:Darren Salt Date:15 Jan 2020 20:39
Replies: Re: BUG: Attachments with names containing parentheses can not be opened (David Chapman)

I've recently received some emails with attachments with names containing
parentheses. MPro (2.73.6) is unable to handle this. The immediately-visible
result is MPro reporting “unable to open”; checking in /tmp/gemini* shows the
presence of the file.

Editing the message to remove the parentheses allows the file to be opened
via MPro.

This looks to me like a failure to fully mangle the file name so that
shell-special characters are properly escaped or substituted for use in a
system() call.

Because of how system() works (invocation of /bin/sh – here, that's a symlink
whuch points to bash, but I wouldn't like to rely on it being dash or bash),
I prefer to use fork()+exec() (in this case, execlp() or execvp()) and avoid
any need to do any escaping or susbstitution other than of directory

|  _  | Darren Salt, using Debian GNU/Linux (and Android)
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Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixed metaphors.

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