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Re: Automated deletion of attachments

From:Jeremy Nicoll - ml gem Date:9 Jul 2020 19:57
In Reply To: Automated deletion of attachments (Alan Wrigley)
Replies: Re: Automated deletion of attachments (Alan Wrigley)

On 2020-07-09 15:55, Alan Wrigley wrote:
> Is there any way of automating the deletion of attachments from an 
> entire
> mailbox? There are 1300 of them so if I do it manually I will lose the 
> will
> to live long before I've got halfway through.

I'd be inclined to try to write an Auto-It or AutoHotKey script, 
either a clever one that finds the mails concerned and works through the
detach (and delete) or detach (and save) process you want, or maybe one
that uses info from you extract separately from the box 
to find the right mails.  (It's so long snce I used MP I can't remember 
you can isolate all the has-attachment mails some way first.)

It'd not necessarily be quicker, but I'd enjoy learning how and 
pick up a useful skill at the same time.

Or, export them and work with the export files, then reimport just the 
mails without the attachments?

Or do it a third of the mails at a time, manually, so you don't quite 
on any one occasion?

Jeremy Nicoll - my opinions are my own

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