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Bugs re. HTML mail colouring (display) and character entity replacement (responding)

From:Darren Salt Date:27 Aug 2021 17:29

I've just had reason to respond to an HTML email. As usual, I'm using plain

Two problems related to that:

1. Display of the original email

I'm using a dark theme (Adwaita-dark) with Xfce. Text is white by default.
Given a message which sets the background colour but fails to set the
foreground colour, this can be problematical – particularly when the
background colour is white.

(Arguably, this is the sender's fault for making assumptions about defaults.)

2. Replacement of ’ in the response

Single closing quotation marks, such as in “We’re” (raw text “We’re”)
were replaced by line breaks in the quoted text in my reply.

It is possible that other similar characters may have been, or would be,
replaced; I have not checked.

And one bonus problem, related to THIS email:

The list address wasn't automatically inserted in the ‘To’ field.

Possibly an input focus problem (the input focus isn't in the message list,
and there are no messages to select).

Running on Devuan chimaera (eqv. Debian bullseye).

I would report via the bug tracker, were it working…

|  _  | Darren Salt, using Debian GNU/Linux (and Android)
| ( ) |
|  X  | ASCII Ribbon campaign against HTML e-mail
| / \ |

Disk is write protected, 0:1

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