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Re: Missing MIMEMAP entries

From:"David J. Ruck" Date:17 Mar 2015 21:55
In Reply To: Re: Missing MIMEMAP entries (Richard Mellish)
Replies: Re: Missing MIMEMAP entries (Richard Mellish)

On 17/03/2015 21:32, Richard Mellish wrote:
> "David J. Ruck" <druck@...> said:
>> On 17/03/2015 11:10, Richard Mellish wrote:
>>> I have a file on the Windows side, I do SOMETHING with it on the RISC
>>> OS side, and it acquires the additional comma-extension, which of
>>> course prevents even the relevant local Windows application from
>>> understanding it.
>> I assume you are talking about editing a file using Virtual Acorn,
>> rather than email the file between a PC and RISC OS.
> It has indeed been with VirtualRPC that I have had this trouble,
> normally accessing the files with HostFS. But it seemed to happen
> without my obviously opening the file at all, let alone editing it.
> I'm really not sure what actions caused it, but I think copying (using
> the RISC OS filer) may have been one of them and renaming using Nick
> Roberts's !Rename application may have been another.

This is off topic for the Messenger-l list, but a quick explanation.

If the file mappings are not set up correctly on a foreign filing system 
(HostFS or Lanman98), you'll see the PC file as name/ext but with a 
filetype of text or data. If you open the file with a RISC OS 
application, it will probably set the file type appropriately. On RISC 
OS the file will stilllook like it has the same name (name/ext) but the 
correct file type.

However on the foreign filing system, what has happened is the set type 
is actually to name.ext,xyz where xyz is the hex RISC OS file type. To 
avoid this rename, and to make sure that RISC OS sees the correct 
filetype straight away, the MIMEMAP file needs to be set up correctly 
for Lanman98, the DOSMap file for LanmanFS, and the Virtual Acorn file 
type mappings for HOSTFS.

Follow ups to comp.sys.acorn.networking please.


Email: druck@...
Phone: +44-(0)7974 108301

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