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Re: Failure on debatch

From:Nick K Date:21 Mar 2019 19:38

Thanks for the replies

>On 20/03/2019 11:38, Nick K wrote:
>> I have suffered loss of emails on debatch - notably those with attachments
>> the error says due to lack of memory

>You wont have lost anything, the raw email download files will still
>exist in the backup directory in !NewsDir.MsgServe.Backup

>Mine doesn't seem to be automatically cleaned out, so went back years
>until I manually pruned it.

I think mine had and was an email with large photos attached that 
triggered the error

>> what is the best workaround? (I had already deleted 2 years of emails
>> earlier this year)

>Look for the line setting the dynamic area size in
>!Messenger.Severs.!MsgServe.!Run2 and make sure its set to larger than
>the largest file in the backup directory.

was 92 have added 100 that should do ?

>Go back through backup for any files which are larger than the old
>settings, as they are ones which have probably failed in the past.
>Create a temporary mail folder and drag the files in to that.

>> Also it occurs to me why is there no fail safe on debatch so the emails
>> are not lost entirely when encountering the error

>The backup directory is the fail safe.
>Cheers ---David

I was hoping for a simple rerun button / command and or better error 
correction options so only the offending email is omitted

I take it I drop the backup file into  <folder>?  to get at the emails?

thanks for your help - do you know where in the manual there is anything 
relating to this as I looked at the index and does not seem to include 
anything related to this in the index

Nick k

note: this reply does not have the usual who wrote what details as have 
pasted from backup file

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