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Please stop the single-tasking!

From:David Higton Date:26 Mar 2019 15:54
Replies: Re: Please stop the single-tasking! (Harriet Bazley)

There is only one thing that annoys me about MPro - and it /really/
annoys me.  It spends minutes at a time single-tasking when dealing
with binary attachments.

It may or may not be possible to reduce the length of time that the
encoding or decoding process takes, but I believe that it could multi-
task during that time.  The files could be processed a chunk at a time
into a file somewhere else, which is finally moved to where it needs
to be - the latter is a near instantaneous operation.

I'm on 7.08, which IIUC is not the most recent version.  If this
long single-tasking can be cured, it's an upgrade I would pay for!


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