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"bounce" missing from menu

From:Jim Nagel Date:25 Apr 2019 12:53
Replies: Re: "bounce" missing from menu (Richard Porter)

By accident just now I discovered "Bounce".

I intended to move a message to a folder using the familiar MPro keystroke 
Shift-V, but I hit Shift-B by mistake.  Behold, a Bounce dialogue, which I 
have never seen before.

This will be handy; thanks, MPro!  And thanks for the help, available from 
the little button on the Bounce dialogue.

Bounce has been forgotten on the menu -- which would account for my never 
having noticed it in all these years.  Shouldn't it be there alongside the 
options to Copy (Shift-C) or Move (Shift-V) a message?

See screenshot:

By the way, it's so annoying that the keyboard shortcut to Copy a message 
is **sometimes** Ctrl-C instead of the Shift-C that MPro always used, and 
which still does Copy *sometimes*.
   In some situations Shift-C does "catch up" instead of Copy.  I think 
this keystroke was purloined when the "catch up" icon was removed from the 
buttonbar to make room for the newish "transfer" icon.
   Why not Shift-Ctrl-C for "catch up"?  It's a more dangerous operation 
than "copy", and befits requiring more fingers to do it.  Leave Copy as 
Shift-C where MPro always used to have it, matching Shift-V for Move --- 
and Shift-B for Bounce.

Hmmm, the MPro Stronghelp lacks a page listing all keyboard shortcuts.  Or 
at least I canna find one.

Jim Nagel                  

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