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Scrolling feature

From:Richard Porter Date:20 Jun 2019 18:59

I've just encountered this one. See the attached screenshot.

I have a wide window for the freegle mailing list so it will scroll 

If I click on the scroll bar to one side or other of the slider all is 
well. The message entries move left or right as necessary.

I drag the slider to the right the toolbar also moves to the left leaving 
most of it off the screen. Dragging left moves the toolbar back to the 
right (left aligned in the window). However if I click on the toolbar to 
the left of the slider the toolbar fails to relocate.

There is no reason for the toolbar at all as it fits within the window.

If I reduce the width of window so that it's narrower than the toolbar, 
the toolbar will shoot off the screen and not stop where it's right 

This isn't usually a problem as I don't need to see the columns on the 
right, but it seems a bit odd.

Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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