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Chime on arrival now a faint clunk.

From:Peter Young Date:24 Jul 2019 14:26
Replies: Re: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk. (Jim Nagel)
Re: Chime on arrival now a faint clunk. ("David J. Ruck")

I find the chime on arrival facility useful to remind me to look in 
certain folders when I've fetched mail. I've recently upgraded my monitor 
to a bigger one with HDMI sound, and in general I'm very pleased with it.

However, the chime of yore is now replaced by a faint clunk, rater like 
the lid of a jar being tapped lightly with a teaspoon, which isn't what 
I've come to expect.

I have a collection of Armadeus sounds which do the right thing when 
clicked on, and I've tried replacing the Chime file with one of these. 
With this there's noise at all for an arriving email.

I've had a look in Messenger.Resources, and I totally fail to understand 
the files concerning sound, and particularly the file PlaySample. This 
just contains <Messenger$Dir>.Resources.FPlay -armadeus -file %*0   To my 
thoroughly ignorant mind it looks as if it should play the first Armadeus 
file it finds, but clearly this isn't so. I can't make head or tail of the 
utility FPlay, and the app !FPlay is in Boot.Resources as it should be. Is 
there any way I might be able to change the FPlay file so that it will 
play my replacement file? This file is one called "Church" which weighs in 
at 9K, and I could send it to anyone if it would help them to find out why 
it doesn't play in Messenger. It does play from the directory where it 
lives.  see that Chime is a mere 4K; could this be relevant?

Best wishes,


Peter Young (zfc Hg) and family
Prestbury, Cheltenham, Glos. GL52, England

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