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Re: Newsgroups file out of control!

From:Bernard Boase Date:8 Feb 2020 16:24
Replies: Re: Newsgroups file out of control! (Richard Porter)

On 31 Jan, ricp@... typed:

> I cleared out the contents but today it's back up to 95MB and counting.
> So what's feeding it and how can I stop it?

Dunno. Did you delete all the contents of file 'newsgroups'? What effect
did that have on Messenger's functionality?

And it would be nice to know what it's for, since my current version (2MB
and constantly updated) not only lists newsgroups, but also has a huge
number of lines like this:

     # 200131 161007

What might they be for?

As to your question, it's Newshound that has the Misc choice 'Enable
newsgroup list fetching', and so I assume it's responsible for fetching
lists of newsgroup names. What happens if you untick it?


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