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Re: Transport command failed

From:"David J. Ruck" Date:27 Apr 2020 11:56
In Reply To: Transport command failed (Alan Marshall)
Replies: Re: Transport command failed (Alan Marshall)

On 26/04/2020 16:01, Alan Marshall wrote:
> I keep getting the following message, in fact every 60 seconds, but
> everything seems to work.
>    Transport command failed - Unable to read control file
>    - File 'Newsdir:Msgserve.Queue.Mail.b255c6658.Control' not found (1)
> Needless to say, that folder is empty.
> The message box says "Message from Messenger" so I assume that it is not a
> Hermes problem.
> Suggestions welcome as to how it can be solved.

This usually happens because when an email is sent a Control and a Data 
file are placed in the queue. If only one of the files is present, you 
get the error, the solution is to delete the other. If the directory is 
empty, delete the b255c6658 directory.


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