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Using more than one mail account

From:Chris Craig Date:10 May 2020 16:31
Replies: Re: Using more than one mail account (Chris Craig)

Let me say first I can not find the manual!

I have 3 email different accounts.

My default is BT.

If I don't want to use BT's SMTP. How do I chose which of my account I am 
sending from?

I see in headers "From just shows BT" but at the end of that line there is 
a little menu icon. How can I populate that with my accounts?

In Messenger> Choices>Site details>Hermes>setup
Sometimes I get Hermes accounts with Outgoing mail sever options (I think 
shift helps)

At the bottom I select Overide which seems to apply to all accounts?

I can then Edit SMTP accounts
In the address option. I think I need to enter some word from the name of 
the email account I am sending from.

However what ever I enter when I send an email it reports connecting to 
Should it say connecting to "account name" SMTP

What have I missed?

Netfetch 5.52 1st May 2019. Messenger 8.04 Aug 2019.

These questions are no different before or after latest update



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