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ZeroPain events

From:David Higton Date:22 May 2020 20:11

I've just been chasing through Messenger and all its auxiliaries to try
to remove any ZeroPain events.  I'd be interested to hear from anyone
who gets any of these logs.  If you'd be prepared to forward me any
information from the logs, I'd appreciate it.

I don't want any private information from any of you!

If you would like to help, please note the following requirements,
without which you won't see any such events anyway:

1) You need to be running a fairly recent version of RISC OS; I
think any build of 5.27 fulfills this;

2) You need the ZeroPain app to be installed and running;

3) The ZeroPain log must be well under 1 megabyte (when ZeroPain's
file reaches this size, the app stops logging).

Basically, if you already see a ZeroPain log file (which is probably
in the root directory of HardDisc4), then your system meets the first
two requirements.  As for the third: if you don't want the existing
contents of the log, simply delete it; if you do wnat them, rename the
file to something else, and the ZeroPain app will start a new file.

I've spent several hours chasing one null pointer access that caused
49 ZeroPain events every time I posted a news article!

I'm feeding the changes back to Andrew, so you should all benefit
when the next maintenance release of the Messenger Pro suite comes

Please post any help and questions to this list (maybe someone else
will benefit too), and you can send me your logs by email: dave at
davehigton dot me dot uk.  You are encouraged to edit out any private
information.  I also need to know what you were doing in MPro at the
time of the events.


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