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Deferred mail

From:Richard Porter Date:5 Jun 2020 10:47
Replies: Re: Deferred mail (bernard@...)


I occasionally use the deferred mail facility if I need to continue 
composing a message later or if I want to sleep on a message overnight.

The problem is that if you edit a deferred message you can't just update 
it. You can defer it again but then you have two messages in the deferred 
folder with the same date and time. How do you know which is which?

Even if you post the message the old deferred message still remains.

What I need is a facility to 'undefer' a message to carry on editing it, 
then I can send it or defer it again without leaving old versions behind.

Could editing a deferred message be the same as editing a stopped outgoing 
message? Could the date and time be updated?


Richard Porter            
t: @westernexplorer                 mailto:ricp@...
I don't want a "user experience" - I just want stuff that works.

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