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Truncated chime on new arrival

From:Harriet Bazley Date:6 Jun 2020 16:07
Replies: Re: Truncated chime on new arrival (bernard@...)

The default 'new arrival' chime has never played properly since I
transferred Messenger Pro to the ARMiniX;  it used to work on both
ARMini and Iyonix, but on this machine it just sounds as a faint wheezy
click.  My other configured samples don't play correctly either - they
make a sound, but an unrecognisably distorted one.

I've just upgraded the installation to MPro 8.04, but the only change
was that I accidentally discovered that MPro would announce the sender
of new messages via Speak.  I tried disabling this in case it was
interfering with the existing sound system, but the chime didn't

I see that a similar problem has been reported on the mailing list
before, but it didn't seem to come to any resolution:

All the sound files in question are Armadeus files and play normally in
DigitalCD or via SoundCon.  The Chime is the default notification sound
supplied with the application:  SoundCon reports

Type: Armadeus
Format: Mono 8b slin
Length 4290 frames
Frequency: 8000Hz
Play Time: 0:00.5

I've tried fiddling around with the Interpret As section to see if I
could duplicate the effect I'm hearing when MPro tries to play it, but
none of the available options resemble that particular distortion.  At a
guess I'd say the sample was being played much too fast, resulting in a
brief breathy highpitched blip instead of a bell-like tone.

The monitor for this machine has no sound, so I'm using separate
speakers - presumably not an HDMI issue as they have what looks like a
standard audio jack.  I've tried passing Chime as the parameter to
PlaySample and FPlay inside !Messenger.Resources, but that results in no
sound at all....

Harriet Bazley                     ==  Loyaulte me lie ==

Many are called, few are chosen.  Fewer still get to do the choosing.

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