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Re: Weird error from MPro

From:Harriet Bazley Date:14 Oct 2020 17:15
In Reply To: Weird error from MPro ("Dr Peter Young")
Replies: Re: Weird error from MPro (Peter Young)

On 14 Oct 2020 as I do recall,
          Dr Peter Young wrote:

> I'm having to send this via webmail as MPro has just become unusable for
> me. I was truing to send an email to a new contact, and I now get the
> recurring error, every four seconds or so, when I run MPro (8.40. The
> message says " Error from Messenger: Transport command failed - No sender
> specified in control file (1)"
> This is with RISC OS 5.27 (RComp version) (30-Sep_2020)
> I've repaired all of MPro's groups, but the error persisits.

I think you need to locate the offending file in the outbound queue and
delete that.   Have a look in !Hermes.MailDir.mailout, where you should
see a couple of directories 'text' and 'work'.   You will probably find
the stub of your e-mail in one of them, along with its corresponding
(corrupt) control file in the other.   Try deleting both.

Harriet Bazley                     ==  Loyaulte me lie ==

Dawn: The time when men of reason go to bed.

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