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Ghost e-mail in outbox

From:Harriet Bazley Date:1 Feb 2021 23:19
Replies: Re: Ghost e-mail in outbox (Harriet Bazley)

I've got one of those pesky ghost e-mails stuck in my outbox that I
can't either delete or send, because it has no 'control file'.
All I want to do is to get rid of it, but I can't find where its data is
being stored.

I've tried creating a second e-mail and marking that not to be sent, and
that one appears in MsgServe.Queue.HeldMail as a Control and Data file,
but MsgServe.Queue.Mail is empty.   So is Choices:MSC.mqueue.text and
.work  (MSC was the app I was actually using to try to send it).

Where is Messenger getting the information from to display this e-mail
as being omnipresent in my outgoing queue?

Harriet Bazley                     ==  Loyaulte me lie ==

I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK...

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