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Re: Messenger Pro date display

From:Mik Towse Date:14 Feb 2021 12:08
In Reply To: Messenger Pro date display (Richard Mellish)
Replies: Re: Messenger Pro date display (Richard Porter)

In article <f20d99fe58.Richard@...> Richard Mellish  wrote:
> This is just a curiosity but seems worth mentioning for interest.
> I have recently been receiving some spam into one of my mailboxes, each 
> message with a header including this malformed line:
> Date: Wed4 Oct 2020 18:44:07 -0400
> That line is always the same, and Messenger Pro displays the date as 30 
> Sep 2020 22:44, so it's understanding the time stamp but misinterpreting 
> the date.
I regularly receive (non-spam) emails from one particular address that have
no date field. They show in the main window at the top with a blank date, but
when the message is opened, the date is shown as "1 Jan 1900 00:00".

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