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IMAP problem

From:Geoffrey Baxendale Date:4 Aug 2021 13:42
Replies: Re: IMAP problem (Chris Hughes)


I use Messenger for emails on the Titanium and run it as an IMAP server
so that I can read emails with Thunderbird on the W10 Laptop. This works
fine except when there is only one email to fetch from Messenger. I get
the email header but without any message.

It usually happens when I get a message to reset a password or similar
which won't work on Netsurf but needs the PC.

I have asked about this problem before and have tried various
suggestions without success.

Has anybody else got this issue and is there a solution.

Geoff. Baxendale, Darwen, Lancashire.
Using Elesar Titanium.
Bear Philosophy: "To every action there is a totally unexpected reaction"

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