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Changing default reply address

From:Harriet Bazley Date:10 Sep 2021 12:11
Replies: Re: Changing default reply address (Chris Hughes)

My energy company has taken to sending its meter read requests from a
no-reply address instead of the old meterreads@ address, and every time
I forget to change the default To field when replying and get a bounce
on my first attempt.   Is there a way to set up a group in such a way
that replies from that group are sent back to a user-definable address
which overrides the original From?

I tried creating a pseudo-mailing list, but that only works when trying
to send new messages to the 'list', not when replying to a message
filtered into that group.  (Probably because these e-mails don't
actually have any mailing list headers....)

Harriet Bazley                     ==  Loyaulte me lie ==

USER ERROR: replace user and press any key to continue.

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