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Very Very big message

From:Adrian Crafer Date:17 Sep 2021 11:19
Replies: Re: Very Very big message ("David J. Ruck")

While looking throgh one of my email folders, I found an email that 
claimed to be 4 Gbytes in size, though if I list the emails in that folder 
in size order it shows it as less than 848 bytes, the next email up in 
size. Now that could just be because Gbytes are out of range for the size 

The email itself is totally blank, no to/from no header when full header 
is displayed, so it to all intense and purposes does not exist. The two 
options I obviously have are delete it, or run a clean/repair on that 
folder. I am concerned that if I do either the whole contents of that 
folder or worse will disappear any thoughts.

Adrian Crafer



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