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Mass movement between groups

From:Richard Mellish Date:30 Sep 2021 12:20
Replies: Re: Mass movement between groups (Chris Hughes)

I get a lot of emailshots of various levels of interest. Some of them I 
move to a "Mailshots" group so they're available if I want to look at them 
again, then every so often I delete those more than a few months old.

Today I tried to open the group and got a message that the Overview file 
was corrupt. A Repair operation started immediately. When that had 
completed, with a warning that two messages might have been lost, I got 
the error and the warning again, but then the group opened, with dozens of 
messages from several years ago that should have been in other groups, 
mostly my "Misc IT" group.

This may belong in the Department of Irreproducible Results, but seems 
worth flagging up, just in case the information is useful.


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