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Re: How to define another Port for sending SMTP?

From:Erich Date:20 Oct 2021 09:46
In Reply To: Re: How to define another Port for sending SMTP? (Erich)
Replies: Re: How to define another Port for sending SMTP? (Mik Towse)

Aditional information:

when using it at home, the same configuration works. but when i use it 
on the company-W-lan, it can not send, only receive. but when i do the 
same with my android-phone it works on both places?

So i assume, that the company only allows port 465 587, but not port 25?!

IMAP works on both, so, eiter the sending port of Messenger Pro does not 
allow SSL, or uses only port 25 (no SSL)?

thanks for your answers

Am 20.10.2021 um 10:39 schrieb Erich:
> Sorry, i don't know, which transport Messenger-Pro uses.
> It looks like its '*MsgServe* in 'Resources.!Newsdir'?
> And yes, i'm using IMAP and SSL
> thanks
> Erich
> Am 20.10.2021 um 10:04 schrieb David J. Ruck:
>> On 20/10/2021 07:37, Erich wrote:
>>> Can some kind soul tell me, how to define the s_*mtp-port in 
>>> messenger pro 8.x*_?
>>> it seems use allways port 25, but i need port 465.
>> Hi,
>> That setting is in your mail transport program, are you using Popstar 
>> or Netfetch?
>> 465 is an encrypted port, so you'll probably need Netfetch.
>> Cheers
>> ---David
> ubscribe@...

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