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Re: How to define another Port for sending SMTP?

From:Doug Webb Date:20 Oct 2021 09:53
In Reply To: Re: How to define another Port for sending SMTP? (Erich)

In message <b037e2a7-a73c-25a5-3d18-73af1ea85dca@...>
          Erich <erich@...> wrote:

> Sorry, i don't know, which transport Messenger-Pro uses.

> It looks like its '*MsgServe* in 'Resources.!Newsdir'?

> And yes, i'm using IMAP and SSL

Ok so find RemoteNB within MessengerPro and load/run it from it's iconbar 
select either server or user.

If user then you will see a select box that says Server deatils and select 
that and alter the details for the SMTP server where it says SSL/TLS to 
the required setting from the drop down and save and reboot that should 

Take care
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