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Gmail on messenger Pro

From:Chris Craig Date:5 Nov 2021 10:08

>> Both my email addresses (BT and 123-reg) are now set up using imap, and
>> working. Obviously be best if each used their own SMTP server.

>> --
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>>     Dave Plowman        dave@...           London SW
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> I think this is possible.
> I have just managed to set up POP gMail to do that.
> Set up is a bit quirky!
> Restart your machine. Load messenger>choices>site details>Hermes for
> mail>Setup. You now see Hermes accounts >Outgoing servers. Double click on
> your account. You can now set up a new outgoing SMPT account. Remember to
> go to addresses. Add something out of your email address ie "btinternet".
> Click "change". Close & remember to "Set" site settings.
> You need to start with a re-set or you cannot see the "outgoing servers".
> and for some reason the addressees you enter may not be remembered.
> Well it's working here for now

> Chris
> --
> chris.j.craig@...
> ARMX6 RISC OS 5.29
> ---
PS For gmail you need to go to your account on a PC.
Select less secure connection. Set on 2factor authentication and obtain an 

16 digit app password to use in your log in.



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