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Gemini V1.01

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Split manual into installation guide and user manual
  • Space bar now works in group viewers
  • Added option to close message window when no more unread messages in the current group
  • Added advanced option (defaulting to on) to blank group and message panes when leaving groups
  • Added option to control whether messages are automatically transferred after sending
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Transfer Status and Global Log windows
  • Added option to explicitly allow a group to be tidied
  • Will no longer tidy flagged messages
  • Added button to address book window to send a message to currently selected contacts
  • Added Agent address book import facility
  • Under Windows, Gemini's configuration directory is now created by default in a part of the user's profile that doesn't roam, or can be overridden by setting a registry option
  • Message viewer buttons now have tool tips
  • Default button in subscription window is now Show
  • Relabelled Reset option in group subscription window to Refetch List
  • Messages containing YEnc attachments are now flagged as having attachments in the index
  • Added workaround for Qt's inability to handle a null character appearing in a line based socket stream
  • Now allows folders to be created with the same name as an existing one
  • Account option to not transfer messages should now be obeyed when opening IMAP groups and when viewing header-only messages
  • Selecting a non-group in the group hierarchy pane will no longer result in group specific actions being enabled
  • Fixed typo in help text for Show/Unread All Groups option
  • Removed unused What's This buttons from dialogue title bars

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