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Gemini V1.06

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added 'append to file' filter action
  • Added batch file account type
  • Account properties editor now has a check box to control whether transfers are automatically performed, defaulting to 5 minutes when enabled for the first time
  • New accounts now default to not automatically transferring messages
  • Will no longer ask to fetch folder/newsgroup listing when accounts first created and offline
  • Refetch list button in subscription window now faded if offline
  • Windows version can now detect when no Internet connection available (rather than just when configured offline) and offer to dial up when Gemini is configured online
  • Work offline menu option should no longer toggle state if state change was unsuccessful
  • Added option to set send window foreground colour
  • Message colours now obeyed when viewing source
  • Reimplemented drag and drop code so that moves and copies are distinguished correctly and the target item is highlighted and/or expanded if necessary
  • Fixed crash when blanking message viewer in source mode with filter non-ASCII characters enabled
  • Fixed bug which meant that config file was written every 5 seconds rather than just when contents had changed

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