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Gemini V1.16

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Now supports embedded images in HTML messages using Content-Location headers
  • Fixed bug which added a file extension to opened attachment file names which already had them (Windows)
  • New messages window will now come to top of Window stack under Windows
  • Will now display e-mail address in From column if name isn't available
  • Warning about sending unmodified messages is now only given when composing a reply or followup
  • Will no longer give a warning that an outgoing message hasn't been modified if sent following a save
  • Added Open Address Book button to address selector
  • Removed IMAP disconnected option; now uses disabled option to achieve hopefully the same effect
  • All non-synchronising IMAP operations should now be disabled when in disconnected mode
  • Disabled IMAP accounts now display as such in group hierarchy
  • When performing an IMAP synchronisation, will now only alter flags that Gemini knows have been altered by the user
  • Fixed bug which always downloaded headers when in IMAP disconnected mode
  • Changing an account's type from Online IMAP will now result in deletion of that account's groups
  • Fixed bug which prevented display of header-only messages that belong to disabled accounts
  • Now logs reads and writes to the last message downloaded for each newsgroup and performs additional checks to make sure they're not reset
  • Fixed bug which caused first message in Outbox to be skipped following SMTP authentication
  • Added facility for transfers on accounts to trigger transfers on other accounts

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