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Gemini V1.17

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Added Bayesian filtering capabilities
  • Filters can now be disabled
  • Multi-level group sorting now supported
  • Sort on received date will now do a subsort on message number when two dates are equal
  • Added explicit 'I need to log in to this account' option for specifying account login details
  • Added key server option so that public keys are automatically downloaded for signature verification
  • Added option to log GnuPG output
  • Added forget passphrase option to send window
  • Now performs validation of identities to ensure the resultant From header will be valid
  • Linux version will now default new signatures for new identities to the contents of .signature
  • Now wraps quoted text by default
  • Locked flag now preserved when copying a message
  • Mbox format export now includes blank line before separator
  • Fixed bug which made status text for mailto: URLs read 'Browse to' instead of 'Send mail to'
  • Most error messages should now be tied to the windows that generate them

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