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Gemini V1.24

The following changes were made in this release:

  • Changed the way unsubscribe works in the group hierarchy viewer so that all confirmations are asked before actual unsubscribe takes place
  • Fixed bug where pressing Space from group viewer would open next group in the same read mode as the current group
  • Severe open attachment warning no longer shows the "Don't ask me this again" check box
  • Open With dialog now appears over message window to which it relates (Linux)
  • No longer ignores clicks on Cancel when opening attachments with Open With (Linux)
  • message/rfc822 attachments can now be opened using the Open menu option (Linux)
  • Fixed bug which meant POP download by size was enabled for headers and not bodies
  • POP status now shows current message out of messages downloaded that session, rather than UID and count of all messages in mailbox
  • Fixed bug which prevented byte count from being reset for each message during a POP download
  • Added advanced option to ignore online status reported by Windows

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